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[intro]We have been organising rallies with spectacular cars as a part of business or promotional events for years.[/intro]

The participants make a tour through the beautiful landscape in several vehicles like an authentic ‘Burton’ or ‘Sport7 cars’. During the rally the teams get closer and learn to rely on each other. Along the road it’s possible to organize some stops where the participants enjoy something sporty, playful, culinary or cultural.

The Connecting Game

Real teambuilding!

An exciting puzzle expedition through the landscape of Limburg, surprising assignments, battle and collaboration form the ingredients of this special programme. You only need a mobile phone, a large space wagon and a large dose of endurance. The teams will participate and battle in ‘The Connecting Game’. On the way the teams need to accomplish various playful and a bit sportive assignments for the team definite rankings. The expedition can be driven with your own cars or on request with exclusive transfer like playful Dafjes, luxurious SUVs, Vespas or Beetles.

Culinary Quest

Search for the best ingredients for your dinner

Along the road you collect various products: from fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables, creamy milk products to the most tasteful wines of Limburg. The collected ingredients will be used during a cooking clinic to make a delicious dinner! Please note that you have to collect all the ingredients! There’s an optional extension possible where you visit a winery or a traditional mill.

Euregio Gold Race

The Amstel Gold Race, but different!

Always wanted to be a racing cyclist? Conquer the ‘Gulpenerberg’, demareer the ‘Eyserbosweg’ or finish on top of the famous ‘Cauberg’. A tour through the hills of Limburg, the real and only climbs of the Netherlands. You enjoy all the beauty that the area has to offer. From deep valleys you’ll climb the various hills where you’ll be welcomed by a panoramic view of a wide landscape with picturesque villages.

Other Rallies & Quests

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