The search of Tchantchès

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One of the folktales of Liège is about the legend ‘Tchantchès’. This legend is a true hero for the people of Liège, a boy of flesh and blood, where they can all identify with. The story goes that the first cry he uttered was ‘Pèket’, a local gin. The street was his school and he was always to be found in one of  the pubs in Liège.

Today you’ll relive old times with a wondrous journey through the city of Liège. The tour starts in the district where Tchantchès was born and takes you to the most beautiful historical sites in the city.

[intro]M-Advice: [/intro] Similiar quests in Aken, Roermond, Leuven en Maastricht.

Other rallies & quests

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