For an international company in medical technology we organised an high-end exclusive event in June 2015 for 250 persons at a beautiful castle location in Vaals. “Bilderberg Kasteel Vaalsbroek”.

At 7.00 am in the morning all our partners and colleagues gathered in and around the castle of Vaalsbroek to set-up and prepare everything.

In the meanwhile the big conference room of the hotel was transferred into a “professional TV-studio” with; cooking-units, cooking materials, stage, decoration, led-televisions, sound and light installation, aprons and a “mini-supermarket”.

At 8.30 am our guests arrived. We made sure everybody knew beforehand in which team they belonged. All received their team-name; strawberry, courgette, banana etc. As we had a strict time-table we needed to have quick and solid start of the event. In the studio we placed high-tables with a picknickbasket and a helium-balloon with the team-name on them, so everybody could find their team in no-time.

We welcomed the guests’ and introduced our host of the day; 2 star Michelin chef “Hans van Wolde “from restaurant Beluga loves you in Maastricht. After a short introduction the programme started.

The teams all received a personalized map of the property and started their culinary experience. During the morning they could earn wooden spoons by completing different tasks, games and tastings. The four teams with the most wooden-spoons were going to battle in the “MasterChef’ cooking show”.

All games and assignments were linked to our culinary theme.

In the castle garden we set-up an exclusive market place with 5 different high-end partners. The teams visited the stands and joined in short workshops of for instance; chocolate tastings, bread baking, preparing of healthy smoothies and blind tasting of herbs.

At noon time everybody was back in the TV-studio. All teams had completed their assignments and handed in their earned wooden spoons. We started counting…

In the meanwhile Topchef Hans van Wolde started his cooking-demo to explain what was expected of the 4 teams. The assigned dish was “Lamb chops”. The teams would be judged on taste, creativity and presentation.

We announced the four winning teams and the show started. Within two minutes the teams had to run to the “mini-market” to gather the ingredients they thought they needed to prepare the dish. This was so spectaculair; laughing, running, screaming…. Everybody was motivated and excited. Our camera-men captured every second so the whole audience was able to follow everything through our live-feed.

The teams got 30 minutes to prepare the dish. They divided their tasks, one was cooking rice, one was preparing the plate en the others were cutting the vegetables. In the meanwhile our top chef entertained the audience with a culinary quiz. Everybody received a chef’s cap. If they choose answer A they put the cap on if they choose answer B they took it off. The winner of the quiz got to join the jury.

The jury, existing of Hans van Wolde, the director of the company and the winner of the quiz took a seat at the jury table where the teams presented their dish.

The winning team was pronounced and rewarded with the MasterChef-medal and a huge applause from the audience.

To finish off the event, our top chef prepared a delicious lunch. On the courtyard of the castle everybody enjoyed the famous Beluga loves you hamburger.

The feedback was amazing and we all enjoyed a beautiful day full of high-quality events and service.

An unforgettable and memorable day!