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Powerboat Surprise

In august this year we had the honour to organize a surprise-program in Cologne.

Our guests had no clue and were all convinced that we would visit the famous chocolate museum.

After all 33 guests had gathered in the lobby, we took a five-minute transfer by bus to the well-known “Zollharbour”. Everybody was calm and had no idea that in short while their adrenaline-level would be sky-high.

After we got off the bus we informed the group that our guides in the chocolate museum were delayed. We suggested to take a walk towards the pier to check out the boats. Everybody agreed, but it was a bit disappointing as there was not much to see… Until…

Three spectacular high-speed powerboats came flying from around the corner… ” how cool is that” screamed one of our guests. When the boats turned around and stopped right in front of us, nobody could believe that they were there for us.

The powerboats are specially designed for extreme weather conditions. They can speed up to 100 km per hour.

We divided the group over de three boats and for about 30 minutes they “flew” over the water. Everybody was so impressed and in trance from the high-energy.
An experience that none of them will ever forget…Neither will we.