Animal Fun

For 25 of our guests we organised  our program “animal fun” outside in the open air…

Being outside in the open air, becoming one with nature, away from the day to day routine with animals in the leading role.

After the morning meeting and lunch we started the afternoon-program. We split the group in two smaller teams. One of them started the workshop with the sheep and the other group with the falcons.

After an intriguing scheepdemonstration it was up to the team to start gathering the sheeps. Despite of the help from the well-trained sheepdogs , it took lots of team-work and good body-language to keep the sheep together. What a challenge!

Eventually the team got the hang of it and all the sheep did exactly what the team wanted them to do. Ofcourse there were hilarious situations and there was a lot of humour involved.

After the change of activity, they got to know the falcons. The falconer explained the history of the falconry and showed the falcons flying through the sky.
Of course everybody got to experience what it was like to hold the big birds themselves and made them fly from one hand to the other. Lots of spectacular pictures where taken with the falcons on everybody’s hand.

The final activity was a Husky workshop/tour for the hole group. It did not snow but after they got to know the Siberian husky’s, it was still possible to go on an adventures husky sleigh-tour through the woods.

Everybody got a chance to lead the husky’s, while standing on a 4-wheel vehicle. The dogs love to pull this vehicle  and run through the woods , while you stand behind them and try your best to steer and keep it straight.

For the one’s that did not want to steer themselves, there was the opportunity to be a passenger. But everybody gave it a shot and managed very well.

A wonderful afternoon with so many different experiences and adventure.
We left the group and only saw smiling faces and happy people.

What nature and animals can do with people…